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    David Jordan Williams - Growing Planets

    These creative illustrations by photographer and graphic designer David Jordan Williams bring the planets of our solar system right down into our everyday lives. In the project, entitled Our Solar System Takes a Holiday, Williams features stunning, everyday landscapes that, at first, don’t seem out of the ordinary. Yet, viewers will fairly instantly notice the presence of a planet, quite out of place along the beaches, woods, and city streets of each scene.

    Drawn purely from his imagination, Williams formed these surreal daydreams featuring miniature replicas of each planet. Imagine walking along the beach and bumping into a small version of the moon on the sand or driving along a country road and having to detour around Mercury. The phenomena of planets floating along the surface of the earth doesn’t make any sense, and that’s what makes this project interesting. Williams creates these moments of mystery for his viewers to enjoy and all we need to know is that, according to the title, the planets just needed a little vacation from outer space.

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